Section 200: School Board

 201  Legal Status of the School Board
 202  School Board Officers
 203  Operation of the School Board - Governing Rules
 203.1   School Board Procedures
 203.2  Order of Regular School Board Meeting
 203.5  School Board Meeting Agenda
 203.6  Consent Agendas
 204  School Board Meeting Minutes
 205  Open Meetings & Closed Meetings
 206  Public Participation in School Board Meeting/Complaints About Persons at School  Board  Meetings and Data Privacy
 Time Place Manner Guidelines Public Input
 207  Public Hearings
 208  Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies
 209  Code of Ethics
 210  Conflict of Interest
 211  Criminal or Civil Action Against School District, School Board  Member, employee, or student
 212  School Board Member Development
 213  School Board Committees
 214  Out of State Travel by School Board Members

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