There Is This Book

There Is This Book is an Archives initiative intended to promote reading, education, thinking, culture, history and healthy lifelong personal, social and intellectual habits also productive of a healthier community. History matters. History, and BPS history, is made every day. “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” William Faulkner.

The missions of BPS Archives are to protect and preserve the history of BPS, its students, graduates, teachers and staff through the collection and display of BPS related artifacts, to make available to the public those artifacts consistent with best archival practices, to foster community and student interest in BPS student, graduate, teacher, staff and institutional history as a valuable, critical aspect of life, and to support the missions of BPS in serving its students and community.


 Index of Interviewees

Dr. Darrel Robertson Robertson, Dr. Darrel - 8/27/2020
 Gail Brecht  Brecht, Gail - 9/14/2020
 Dr. Michael O'Leary  O'Leary, Dr. Michael - 10/5/2020
Cindy Swanson Finch  Swanson Finch, Cindy - 11/23/2020
 Keith Peterson  Peterson, Keith - 12/28/2020
 Laurie Wig  Wig, Laurie- 1/25/2021
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