Let Me Tell you A Story

The attention of the then child, now respected Minnesota author, William Kent Krueger, focussed when the adults in his young life began reading to him, thus developing a lifelong interest in reading, in writing, in thinking and in sharing personal, cultural and timeless insights, by speaking these words: “Let me tell you a story,” but delivered long ago to the young listener in measured, thoughtful tones and cadence. 

Brainerd Public Schools Archives sits at the unique intersection of the many avenues of life which are the fascinating histories of Brainerd Public Schools and the tens of thousands of Minnesotans who have been part of BPS since 1872.  From time to time, BPSA reduces a very few of those lives and histories into short written insights reflecting the perhaps unknown relationships we have, the interconnectedness of people, time and place, and the significance of institutions, like BPS, throughout time within the lives of so many, societies far from the halls of BPS and mileposts in human life and events not discernible except from the intersection that Brainerd Public Schools Archives occupies.

When speaking publicly, William Kent Krueger begins his remarks by waiting for the gathering to quiet, then pausing longer, then softly and slowly saying - requiring the audience to lean forward and carefully listen to him from the outset - 'Let me tell you a story.'” 

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