“'Archivist - Curator’” may not be a highly sought after position, notwithstanding the excitement generated now decades ago by Harrison Ford as and in “Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  Perhaps it was the snakes.  At BPS, “archivist - curator” is a title that allows for a large degree of self - definition, within Minnesota statutes and the clearly stated educational missions of BPS. 

To the knowledge of BPS, there is no other school district office of a similar type in Minnesota, but in Brainerd, BPS Archives has been accepted as committed to the proposition that:

"History, and BPS history, is made every day. The missions of BPS Archives are to protect and preserve the history of BPS, its students, graduates, teachers and staff through the collection and display of BPS related artifacts, to make available to the public those artifacts consistent with best archival practices, to foster community and student interest in BPS student, graduate, teacher, staff and institutional history as a valuable, critical aspect of life, and to support the missions of BPS in serving its students and community."

"Perspectives" is a forum which, by occasional essay, allows the BPS archivist - curator to speak to and about history and BPS history within the fundamentally educational purpose of BPS, and as an integral part of that purpose, to hold up the accomplishments of BPS people, who have made BPS the institution it is, as North Stars for the betterment of those who follow.

The Perspectives Index is found here.
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