Missions, Vision, Values


The mission of BPSA is to protect, preserve and communicate the history of BPS, its students, graduates, teachers and staff, and to provide public access to the BPSA collection consistent with law and the archival safekeeping of the BPSA collection.


The vision of Brainerd Public Schools Archives is to deliver, on a sustained basis, tangible programming, acts and planning in execution of BPSA's mission, ultimately to enhance the educational experiences of students, to build meaningful rapport with Brainerd Public Schools graduates, to enrich the lives of BPS past and present faculty and staff and to inspire critical and creative thinking within BPS communities, wherever found.


  • BPSA will responsibly care for and utilize materials donated to BPSA so as to assure their presence both today and into the indefinite future.

  • As a calling, BPSA is intensively concerned with the development of critical thinking through an understanding of BPS history, with the movement of time through the people of BPS, its communities and the BPS institution itself, the interrelationships of time, place and people and the instructiveness of their lives and behaviors, with the collection, presentation, preservation, protection and accessibility of the evidence of all of those histories.

  • BPSA supports engagements in responsible conversations about history, its meaning and applications, in the development and fostering of critical thinking skills and insights into life, and in support of keeping history alive, relevant, compelling, informative and instructive to and for BPS constituencies.
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