ISD 181 Viewpoint: Virtual reality comes to Brainerd Public Schools

ISD 181 Viewpoint: Virtual reality comes to Brainerd Public Schools
Posted on 11/25/2018
This is the image for the news article titled ISD 181 Viewpoint: Virtual reality comes to Brainerd Public SchoolsBrainerd Public Schools students have been traveling the world this school year learning about places, cultures, history, science, and more through the use of virtual reality. Every student is provided with a virtual reality goggle kit including a device while on the expedition in class. These goggles and devices were purchased with funds raised by Brainerd Public Schools Foundation along with a Smart Rural Grant supported by CTC.

Students in fourth grade at Lowell Elementary traveled to Scotland to follow the River Forth through the entire water cycle. Floating down the river, students learned about the importance of deposition and erosion on the surrounding land along with many other facts.

Second graders around the district shrunk down to a molecular size to take a look at how water particles combine together to create a cloud. Students have been studying the different types of clouds and how clouds are formed. As we flew through the sky, we identified different types of clouds and discussed where and why they form.

Sixth graders traveled to the Seven Wonders of the World with their science class to discuss the amazing ancient history engineering that needed to take place to ensure the long lasting structures. We traveled thousands of miles around the world to walk along the Great Wall of China, stand outside the Colosseum of Rome, and so much more.

Foods students at the high school followed a food technologist throughout her day working at a chocolate factory. Students learned that science and math are two very important parts of the creation of chocolates and that it is possible to attend college to work with chocolate.

Our students are experiencing learning in a whole new way through virtual reality. We are able to travel the world, dive into the ocean, fly into the clouds, and so much more without leaving the classroom. The possibilities are endless both with virtual reality and the opportunities are students have in their futures!

Porisch is director of technology with Brainerd Public School
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