Viewpoint 181: February is "I Love to Read" month

Viewpoint 181: February is "I Love to Read" month
Posted on 01/27/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Viewpoint 181: February is "I Love to Read" monthTeachers have the most amazing opportunity to teach children to read and even more

importantly to LOVE to read.

Children in our classrooms hear beautiful books being read aloud each day. Listening to books being read and talking about those books helps to ignite their passion to read more and learn who they are as a reader. It is through reading and talking about books that children get to decide what types of books they enjoy.

Children get time each day to independently read books that they have chosen from the school library, the classroom library and possibly even books from a book club or small reading group. But these daily habits at school are not enough.

Parents also have an amazing opportunity to teach children to read and, even more importantly, to LOVE to read. It is important for our children to have books at home to read. Whether

children are bringing books home from school or you visit our public library, children need books at home. Our children also need other people in their lives to model the healthy habit of finding a space and time to snuggle in and grab a book to learn something new.

As adults we need to talk to children about how books have helped us learn something, something that may have helped us to be better humans or understand a new perspective. By reading to and talking with children about literature and informational texts we can take children to places they may never physically visit yet can give them knowledge to be more informed citizens.

Reading is something I enjoy doing on a regular basis. I am still learning who I am as a reader and my favorite genres have changed over time. But one thing has stayed the same: I cannot wait to grab a cup of coffee and sit by the fireplace and open the next book on my stack.

Reading is something I do during my "highs" and my "lows." Personally, when I have had
struggles in life, I have used my resources. I have consulted my closest family, friends, priest and text. I am constantly attempting to be a better mom, teacher, person of faith and all around healthier human. I am thankful to my parents and teachers for giving me the LOVE of reading.

February is "I Love to Read" month. This month and even more importantly, EVERY month, we all have the opportunity to help encourage the children in our lives to LOVE to read.

If you would like to know more about how to help a reader in your life, please connect with their elementary school's literacy coach. If you would like to donate your time or money to help children get more access to books, please connect with Brainerd Community Education.

Our teachers and families are investing everything they have and invite you to help celebrate "I Love to Read" month all year round!
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