Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a teaching license to teach a class?

No! We are looking for instructors who want to share their passions, skills, and knowledge with the community.

Do Community Ed teachers get paid?

Yes! Some receive an hourly rate; others prefer a per student rate. Teachers can choose to volunteer their time as well.

What can you teach a class on?

The options are endless! If you have a passion or skill that you would like to share with the community, submit a proposal!

How do you decide what classes to offer?

We receive many proposals every year and carefully consider a variety of factors. We want to make sure that the course is a fit for our community, that it doesn’t duplicate other courses, and that it is a class that will attract students. We aim to continually offer a variety of courses!

How long does a class need to be?

Most classes tend to be between one and a half to two hours long. You can teach a topic that lasts a single session or have multiple sessions - whatever is appropriate for your class.

How do you decide what you charge for a class?

Class fees are based on the cost of the instructor, plus a percentage for our operating and promotional costs.

How do you promote Community Education classes?

We promote all classes on our website, as well as in our seasonal Community Ed catalogs. Catalogs are mailed to all households in the district three times per year.
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